Increase Your Business’s Exposure with Online Citations

by / Thursday, 11 September 2014 / Published in Blog and Updates
online citations for local businesses

Local business owners are subject to a standard dilemma. They launch a website to establish an online presence. However, they fail to leverage this web tool as an introduction of their business to prospects and new customers.

A fundamental component of obtaining traffic in the brick and mortar door of your small business is the usage of local directory listings. When business owners neglect this route, it is detrimental to business.

In essence, the Internet presents itself as a collaborative and interactive Yellow Pages of vast proportions for your local business. As with the old phone book route, it is crucial to make sure that your company name and contact information generates responses.

Your company name will gain more online exposure through using local listings sites. The process takes time as you fill out various forms, but the benefit to any local business owner outweighs the form-filling inconvenience. The most widely used local listing sites are very much integrated with the top social media sites. Therefore, it is advisable to incorporate this into your social media campaigns.

Currently, Google, the number one search engine, offers two widely popular local listing directories by the name of Google+ Businesses and Google+ Local. Various other widespread local listing sites include Yahoo Local Listings, CitySearch, and Bing Local.

You can also  create a Yelp profile for your business in your local area. In addition to assistance with attracting web attention, it provides a venue for local customers to post reviews of your business. This provides an exceptionally effective tactic for the conversion of prospects into paying customers.

As you fill out the registration info for these sites, bear in mind that it is essential to enter all critical information about your company into each created profile. Provide vital information such as your business hours, phone number, address, as well as links to your social media and websites.

Remember that if the mobile site URL of your business is different, list it in your profile also, as many users access local listings from their mobile devices.

The creation of a profile on this type of site helps you gain a powerful online presence, by assisting your potential customers in the discovery of your business during their search.

Web searchers notice that the results of a local listings search are more reliable than the customary search engine results. The reason for this entails their access to customer reviews, maps, images, videos, and address verification to assure legitimacy. When you invest the time to create a business profile on these local listing sites, it brings customers through your doors.

An effective internet-marketing plan is one of various ways that local businesses utilize to attract online attention. In addition to this, the use of mobile websites, local SEO, social media, local listings, and the management of your online reputation will all generate vast possibilities to attract loyal customers to your business.

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